Descending Outlands, Vol. 1: All in the Family

GET IN. GET OUT. GET PAID. That was the phrase that Nate Avery and the crew of rogues aboard his spaceship, the Everett Young, lived by. A deadly pack of mercenaries with unparalleled skills in espionage, thievery and skullduggery, no job was too big or too dangerous. Or so they thought. Their latest heist brings them more trouble than they ever could have imagined. When they get their hands on an unstable cargo of immense power that the corporate entity known as 'The Fountain' wants to get back at all costs, they find themselves on the run, fighting for their lives and embroiled in an adventure that could bring about the end of all existence as they know it. Running for their lives and with the fate of the galaxy in the balance, they will have to reluctantly hide out in the only place that is out of the reach of the Fountain. A place that only thieves, opportunists and assassins dare to call home. ...the Outlands.