A large percentage of humankind has been seized by a nocturnal bloodsucking parasite with the ability to control its host, known as a Ceraphide. In the panic of the initial outbreak civilization almost fell and humanity was pushed to the brink until the discovery of the Ceraphide's intolerance to UV light, now humans have clawed back a beacon of hope with Parlton City, "the last city" living somewhat normally by day and cowering under ultraviolet lamps by night. However maintaining a City isn't cheap and only those with sufficient privileges can thrive in Parlton while those less fortunate, work in the harsh surroundings of the City, One group of extremists, sick of being downtrodden and living like a lower class form a plan to take it all. Liberation, Revolution or simply man becoming the monster? The hope for humanity's future may not depend on the Ceraphide after all, as civil war threatens to destroy Parlton. And all the while the Ceraphide is watching, and unbeknownst to humanity, the Ceraphide is learning.