Dark Age - The Shaman's Legacy

A new historical/fantasy story, taking place at the great plains of Central/Eastern Europe in the 4th - 5th century AD. At the turn of the 5th Century AD, while the once great Roman Empire is rotting away slowly, like a worm-eaten apple, nomad tribes from the east of the River Volga are flooding into the continent we call Europe. Iddar the mysterious Shaman is searching for the „chosen one” – the one who will unite all the tribes - from the prophecies he predicted eons ago. Or did he? Iddar faces exceptional challenges. He seems to have higher powers than all the other shamans of the great plains, still, he is hardly in control regarding his own fate. He maintains a close relationship with space and time, but his very own prophecies hold him in captivity. May he ever decide freely? Is he anything more than a force of nature with a human face? In order to outlive his prophecies Iddar spends generations in the body of animals. Unfortunately for him it’s never easy to return as a human; his memories always blur into dreams, but even his humanity has to be evoked after each rebirth. He desperately needs partners to learn his way around the swiftly changing world of tribes. Our story takes place in a time where Iddar’s first partner is a hunter’s son. He does not join him willingly, but still, their strange friendship seems to work in a way. But is it enough to have a single archer as an ally, when there are tribes, demons and even empires among your enemies? Will they find the „chosen one”? Let us welcome you all in the world of Dark Age!