Dante's Inferno

Hunt Emerson, the dazzlingly talented cartoonist who has previously brought new and richly humorous life to the works of Coleridge, Casanova, D.H. Lawrence and John Ruskin, has gone for the biggest literary name of them all. HUNT EMERSON'S INFERNO delights on many levels: as an ingenious translation of classic verse into knockabout farce; as an effortlessly readable introduction to the poem for those too busy or too intimidated to tackle it without a guide; as a delicious crib for anxious Dante students with an essay crisis heaving into view; and as a warm tribute from the master of one art form to the grand master of another. Hunt's cartoon is followed by Kevin Jackson's 5,000 word essay on Dante, which explains how the comic has been developed from the original, points out some of the more complicated jokes, and invites readers to go back to tackle Dante for themselves. Already acclaimed by Dante scholars in both the UK and USA as a wildly clever and witty, but essentially reverent treatment of the poem, DANTE'S INFERNO by Hunt Emerson is a wonderful treat for anyone who already loves Dante, or thinks they might learn to love Dante... or simply wants to ache with laughter.

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