Danny and Harry

Folks, hang on tight, because this is how it begins—Danny and Harry Private Detectives. First issue. Part One of Six. The story? The Case of the Missing Trunk. The chapter? "The Nervous Client." You'll meet our boys D & H, of course. And the client, Alfred. But he's not the only party interested in the trunk. There's Pearl. Watch out for her! And Cain, who makes his namesake look like an angel by comparison. Who else? Oh yeah—Wilber. Wilber's a...actually, we're not sure what Wilber is! He shows up about halfway into this chapter, so check it out and you tell us what you think he is! And Juno—he's Cain's assassin, but his relationship with his boss is about to get, well...complicated. Sounds like a lot to pack into 22 pages? We're just getting started! So take your seat—the curtain's about to rise!