Dan In Space

Dan Johnson is your regular entry-level corporate worker. The only difference is his cubicle happens to be a space ship and the only halfway decent place that is close for lunch is Zito's Pizza, located in the massive space station, Dan also calls home. Lucky for Dan, Zito's also makes a pretty good cup of Joe, a necessity in the edge of explored space. Dan is a loner constantly bickering with the few around him, his personal AI--komputar and his mechanic, Joules. Dan is stuck in the melancholy of corporate space with nowhere to go but down. Constantly being sent on dangerous missions in a less than average ship, Dan fights his desire to leave it all behind. But on one particular mission, Dan finds his way into the middle of an adventure unlike anything he has ever experienced before. With crazy rogue asteroids, alien death ships, his demanding boss, and komputar, who seemingly only knows how to play jazz in the worst of situations, Dan learns that his fight for life and those around him is far greater than the corporate governance looming above.