Dame From The Dark

TKO Studios presents "Dame From The Dark" by Rob Pilkington Magic isn't always glitz and glam and sometimes there a darker secrets lurking behind the trap doors and red velvet curtains. Private detective Tommy, and his spirit comrade Eva, have come to teach magician 'Le Samson Fantastique' that some acts aren't always illusions... Short 001: Seeds of Eden (Joe Corallo, Liana Kangas, Paul Azaceta) Short 002: Father of All Things (Sebastian Girner, Baldemar Rivas) Short 003: Night Train (Steve Foxe, Lisandro Estherren) Short 004: Dame From The Dark (Rob Pilkington, Kit Mills) Short 005: Hand Me Down (Alex Paknadel, Jen Hickman) Short 006: Killiamsburg (Erick C. Freitas, Jelena Đorđević-Maksimović)

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