Clive Barker says "[Dale Lazarov's comics are] a pleasure to have in one hand." "Dale Lazarov is the Alan Moore of gay comics." - Mark Brill, award-winning artist of The Power Within Hey! I am Dale Lazarov. Here's my most recent bio: Dale Lazarov is the writer/editor of GOOD SPORTS (drawn by Alessio Slominsky), NIGHTLIFE (drawn by Bastian Jonsson), MANLY (drawn by Amy Colburn), and STICKY (drawn by Steve MacIsaac), collections of gay erotic comics that Gay Vox, among others, have called "the best gay erotica comics ever". Dale's collaboration with erotic artist Drubskin, "The Welcome Back Fuck", was featured in BEST GAY EROTICA 2007 (Cleis Press) and BEST OF THE BEST GAY EROTICA 3 (Cleis Press). He's currently collaborating on FANCY with Delic Van Loond, Sean Platter and Christophe Jannin, BULLDOGS with Chas Hunter & Si Arden, FAST FRIENDS with Laura "Zel" Carboni, CHUMS with Foxy Andy, NIGHTLIFE 2 with Bastian Jonsson, GRUFF with Kardyman, and PEACOCK PUNKS with Mioki. Dale currently lives and works in Chicago. "Dale Lazarov brings fun back to hot gay porn. He tells hot stories about hot guys who are as diverse as they are engaging - every hot story has depth, emotion and lots of hot joyful sex. And did I mention they're hot?" - Lene Taylor, I Read Comics Among other things, STICKY, MANLY and NIGHTLIFE have the distinction of being held in world-class special collections of comic art at university libraries. Take THAT, naysayers!