Cypher Team

Cypher Team is a unit comprised of five of the most lethal Xeniths on the face of the Earth. This unit is ranked in the top spot amongst a large group of units that are part of the command known as TEMPLE Special Operations Command (TEMSOC). Their ultimate goal is to protect the world from Xeniths who have ideas of harming people with their abilities. As well, they are the standing force between the rest of the world and Xenith that are protected by Amandla and TEMPLE. The team that we have now is the result of two teams that were created over 10 years ago. One of those teams, fell into the caverns of darkness, becoming an organization that thrives on the destruction of all that aren't evolved. The other team was deactivated after a fateful day in Miami after a devastating and deathly clash between it and the Once heroic, Angles of Anarchy. To cull what the world has come to now and the ill transactions that have come with it, TEMSOC has been reactivated!

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