In Celestial Year 3716, the planetary colony of New Hope went dark. When authorities arrived to investigate, they were greeted only by crimson and corpses. What little security footage survived revealed the massacre to be the work of a single entity now known only as Cremisi. With no explanation for the attack, the citizens of space live in constant fear of Cremisi's return. 15 years later, Captain Shay of the spaceship Purgatory and his virtual sidekick, Alice, traverse the sea of stars in search of easy money and a quick drink. A chance discovery aboard a derelict freighter reveals to Shay the horrible truth behind the Cremisi incident. Now, he finds himself the target of the Children of Exile - a fanatical cult bent on finding their own twisted form of salvation. His only allies are a cosplaying virtual intelligence computer, a foul-mouthed starship mechanic, an orphan girl with vicious power, a handsome alien assassin, and a mystical old man. Hurled into a tapestry of nightmares, Shay and his motley crew must face demons both new and old if they are to become the heroes the universe will need them to be. Cremisi is a space-western tale that's as emotionally rough as it is visually smooth. Inspired my 90's era anime and manga, the comic uses a black, white, and crimson coloring scheme to create a unique visual experience.