Conan and the Songs of the Dead (2006)

Collects Conan and the Songs of the Dead (2006) #1-5, Free Comic Book Day 2006: Conan, Conan: Trophy (2008) #1, Conan: Kiss of the Undead (2010) #1, Conan: Island of No Return (2011) #1-2, material from Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (2006) #1. Only Conan's cold steel can save all of creation! Conan aids an old ally in the wretched wastes of Stygia — a harsh desert that harbors undreamed-of wealth! But Conan's pursuit of ancient treasure soon unearths a conniving spirit — and as blood spills on the desolate dust, a dark-hearted sorcerer brings forth unholy abominations! Then, Conan teams with two sister thieves to rob a haunted clifftop castle. But evil spirits are the least of Conan's problems when both sisters set their sights on him! Plus: Conan must prevent the revival of a sleeping god — and walk the road of kings!

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