Comichaus Vol. 3

Issue #3 of the New British Indie Monthly featuring continuing storylines from the best up and coming indie creators! Black and white interior pages, perfect bound. Issue 3 has 47 pages

We wanted to help promote the indie creators by involving established Comic Book legends on the covers - and the support from them has been overwhelming

Issue Three features pages by:
Steven Horry, Catia Fantini, Colin Bell, James McCulloch, Jessica L. Byrne, Jon Laight, Dan Butcher, Dave Cook, Norrie Millar, Ed Bickford, Aaron Walther, Luke Cooper, Chris Welch, Micah Myers, James Calderbank, Nikki Foxtrot and a pin up by Rafael Desquitado.

A new storyline starts this month from scriptwriter Steven Horry (Image Comics' Double D) ,artist Catia Fantini (TRIAD/Black Block) and letters by Colin Bell.

And the other stories continues where last months left off from 'Karyn Shade', 'Feather', 'Suited & Booted', 'The Troubleshooters' and 'Mortality' - with a one shot introduction by James Calderbank called 'The Return'