Comedian by Ross Zucco

No spared feelings, no backhanded catering, a scathingly humorous foray into the mindscape of a stand-up comic that isn't regurgitating pop sentiment or towing the company line, risking all in the process. "COMEDIAN © ", the auspicious and evocative debut of comic artist and writer, Ross Zucco. A moody and striking venture into the heart of self-legitimization, vaulting ambition and the disabling personal effects of both, all with an honest, paralyzing vulgarity at the helm. Diane Moore is your comedian, a female comic unlike any other, a solemn guarantee. The woman you were waiting for... without the wait. 100 Pgs. B&W WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. INTENDED FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE "COMEDIAN" By Ross Zucco - Graphic Novel Trailer on Youtube: COPYRIGHT© 2013 ROSSANO ZUCCO, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. COMEDIAN and all characters and likenesses are ™&© 2011-2013 Rossano Zucco, all rights reserved. @Zucco_Art

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