Combat Fairies, Vol. 1

War is a bloody mess. Especially when there's two of them. Centuries ago the Otherworld decided to hide itself from the mortal realm. But now that the mortals have broken out into their third World War, the question is raised; do they stay hidden? Or do they come out of the shadows and help end the bloodshed? It's a dividing question that leads to a Civil War. As the two worlds fall apart, a tactical team of fairies, Aela, Enora, Brietta, Kiani and Cinnia are sent on mission after mission until a new target puts them in the States and forces them to question their place in everything. Now they have enemies on all sides of both battles. If they wanna live they're gonna have to blast their way through demons, witchcraft, monsters and hales of gunfire. If they wanna end a war or two they're gonna need something more.