Colin Devonshire is a husband, father, emergency doctor, writer and musician. As a board certified emergency physician for 15 years in Boston, he takes care of everyone coming through the door. Working in a city hit hard by COVID-19, when he's not in the ER he keeps busy with creative projects. His graphic novel, By the Time I Get to Dallas, started as a writing project during a work sabbatical and grew into a 200-page series. He writes, records and performs rock music with his bands Leckerphonics and Twice-a-Day Ray. He documents the midlife struggle in his blog at During pandemic social distancing he's been leading FB Live cocktail making lessons for friends and family. Along the way he has been an environmental scientist, paleontology researcher, has bred Siamese fighting fish, produced a medical school class show, thrown a craps party on his roof, and earned a blue belt in Krav Maga. He lives with his wife Ethel, a psychiatrist, and their children Virginia and Ezra.