The Universe. How did everything start? Who came here first? Are we alone? Where did our human ancestors come from? What's the reason for our existence? Planet Earth, Year CE 2016. Our history has been written for us. We have been programmed to follow the agenda of those people who know the truth. These beings managed to keep us in the dark, letting us fight amongst ourselves so they could get away with their plans. We had become comfortable with little or no desire to challenge or improve our minds or each other. We turned against one another, finding difference rather than similarities - all part of the plan of those who wanted to keep us subjugated. We became intellectually incurious, stuck in our ruts, combative with those who didn't share the way we see things. We prioritized individual competition rather than working together for common solutions to shared problems. We used our resources frivolously and intemperately like we didn't care what tomorrow would be like for those who followed - because we forgot that there would be those who would follow us. Love was used as a weapon to hurt rather than as a medicine to heal. We forgot how our existence started, but we truly know how to step on someone else's soul to achieve our greater sense of vanity. Advances happened, in some places and by some people; some do their best to do good. But there is a war between good and evil, one that seems destined to never end until both sides are forever extinguished. This is the world and this is how things are in the world - but things are about to change. All because six people are about to cross paths. Their energy will become one and the world we thought we knew will reveal its real colors. And then each of us must choose if we will continue with the status quo, in our hate - or if we will learn to love one another, in order for us all to survive.Our heroes have experienced pain, have lost everything, have lived alone and have become angry to the rest of the world. But they overcome their differences as they are meant to be one in a world that needs them. Powerful people are running the world to their advantage, and we face many threats that we can’t defeat on our own. The world must wake up and become one because today we are fighting for gay rights, women's rights, human rights… tomorrow the only fight left will be for the survival of our human race. When power falls in the right hands, a lot of good can happen. What are we waiting for?

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