On our first issue of Kraven Comics we introduce our Transgender character who faces discrimination at an early age. Since her parents throw her on the street for being transgender life was forever changed. A scientist adopted her and gave her the dream of been who she wanted to be with a gender change. But happiness didn't last when her dad was taken away from her and since then she has been living another life hiding from who she really is, one day she lost the last thing she poses, love. Now she must become strong to face her enemies, but that doesn't end there she must choose to follow her personal agenda or sacrifice it for the good of other LGBTQ victims of the President Putin. With this issue we begin the journey of a fight for gay rights, a fight for human rights because the powerful people of the world as ensure we stay blind but soon things are about to change, follow every episode of Kraven Comics to found out how the world we know as been written for us, but the truth will come and only united we can face what's about to come.