Cities of Magick, Vol. 1

In the mid-21st century, Earth is caught in a massive energy nexus of unknown origin, wiping out half of humanity and all of its modern technology. Governments break down into small city-based factions all over the world. A hundred years later, a group of explorers and scientists discover how to harness the energy of the nexus and create "magick," a new type of power source for a new age. The world of Cities of Magick exists inside the ruins of our present day. The husks of once great cities are now filled with jury-rigged, Rube Goldberg-esque magick contraptions providing power, water, food, entertainment. And the totems of the old world--your iPhones, your Nikes, your sports cars--are now devoid of power. Our hero, Lev, a self-proclaimed "old school cowboy," believes that magick's widespread use is the result of a society grown decadent. He yearns for the bygone days and wants to return to the old ways of electricity and digital technology. He's a reverse-luddite, if you will. Cities of Magick is a future-fantasy story about the intersection of geography and magick. How do our needs and wants and desires manifest themselves in the architecture and infrastructure of a city fueled by willpower and imagination? And how do people like Lev fit into a world like that?