Chronicles of Alos: The Tower

Fans of "Game of Thrones" and "The Hobbit" will love this gorgeously painted three-part series from Greece created by writer Christos Stavropoulos and artist Othon Nikolaidis.

Issue #1 - Guided by the Elven thieves' guild leader Sanawel, three groups attempt to commit the greatest robbery in the history of the world called "Alos": to break into the royal vault of Draagsti, capital of the vast Human empire. Can the elf Silhouette manage the action and pull off the heist of the century? Special extra-length first issue!

Issue #2 - After a series of challenges,the remains of the three teams of thieves manage to reach the vault. Darius, the expert locksmith of the guild, is faced with the toughest lock of his career. Everything is at stake... How fast can they get in and out without anyone giving chase, especially when nothing in the vault is what it seems?

Issue #3 - Escape from the vault! With the first two contingency plans having gone straight to hell, the thieves adopt a more concise course of action: RUN! Will the remaining Elven thieves manage to escape from the Human imperial guard and the rest of their pursuers?