New York native Christian De Matteo is a writer, college professor, writing coach, editor, voracious reader, food lover, movie lover, music lover and occasional hammy actor on very rare and immediately regretted request. He is Co-Founder of Fugitive Poems and Founder of Tellworthy Creative Writing Services where he offers Writing Coach, Editing and Freelance Writing services as well as Creativity Seminars for every kind of institution. Christian is the author of three completed novels, four screenplays, and an ever-growing collection of short stories and random but passionate musings. A life-long lover of comics, he is shocked to find himself writing them and awed by James' ability to make them bleed on the page. Known to post strange thoughts and unsolicited opinions on music, movies and books on Twitter under the handle @CDMetc, he lives with his wife and three children in Westchester, New York.