Children of the Gods, Vol. 1: The Fire in Which We Burn

In the year 1996, the Earth is hit by a worldwide catastrophe referred to as the "Event" which nearly causes the extinction of humanity. Out of the ashes of the Event arises the Pantheon, a group of seven god-like individuals, who while once mortal, are now in possession of powers and abilities making them far more than human. After saving the planet, these "gods" are universally praised as saviors. The Pantheon are led by the stoic and all-powerful Odin, the most powerful of the gods. In the decades that follow, Odin and the Pantheon herald the world into an age of unprecedented geo-political cooperation, scientific discovery, and spiritual enlightenment. Now on Christmas Eve 2017, Ultra-Human Management Division analyst, James "JD" Deckard, and his wife, Sandra, are driving to a dinner date when their paths cross Odin's ultra-human son, Stormdrake. This fateful meeting starts a chain of events that will change all of their lives and the course of human history forever.