Children of Gaia: Refuge

Children of Gaia: Refuge is the first comic book from the Children of Gaia (aka COG) Series. A follow up to the illustrated novel The Great Nations of Rendaraia, Refuge paints a particular albeit unfortunately not uncommon scenario of group survival in a no-win situation.

In the land of Rendaraia, many tribes and nations live mostly at peace with one another-and in tune with the magic of their ancestors and the natural world. This balance is destroyed when a violent and grasping Empire begins a brutal invasion, driven by the warring ambitions of its ruling Houses. The invaders come from the land of Terra, where technology supplants magic. But ancient and enigmatic forces are still at work in Terra, little understood and yet to be harnessed.

Houses and Nations rise and fall, pitting technology against magic and military discipline against tribal ingenuity. But the lands of Terra and Rendaraia are connected by a primeval mystery that resurfaces in startling ways. The epic universe of Children of Gaia follows a compelling and increasingly desperate cast of characters on both sides-those who seek to preserve and destroy, conquer and survive in a world where nothing is as simple as good vs. evil.