Children of Gaia: Carrying Iron

The city of Ralliesport is a bastion of new economic opportunity, both legal and otherwise. In the back room of the Screw Steamer Club, the shark, Jimmy Caanan, and Don Becker-businessmen, after a fashion- hold a meeting to discuss their futures in the Port in front of a few trusted men...and a musical act with mixed reviews.

Part of the Children of Gaia fantasy universe, "Carrying Iron" is a follow-up to "War & Horses," the first gun-slinging book in our fictional author Landon Ford's epic Triggerman series from Oneshi Press.

Keep an eye out for more of the Triggerman's gun-slinging adventures in these upcoming titles by Landon Ford: "Mad Dogs," "Powder Burns," "If the Creek Don't Rise," "Lion's Den," "The Trade," "Everything Burns," "King and Country," and "That Which Does Not Kill."