Checkers' Abyss

The long awaited sequel to Checkers' Asylum. 'Checkers' Abyss is an 80 page graphic novel that continues on the real story of the lovable cartoon character we all know and worship from the popular comic series 'Checkers' World'. Much time has passed since the world caught news of the vicious string of 13 macabre murders, and the subsequent apprehension of the serial killer Mutino. Checkers has accepted his fate as the crazy man he is, and has been languishing in the insane asylum for what seems an eternity. He is all but cured of his insanity, but when Mutino returns, Checkers must go back to his old ways of spontaneous and erratic pseudo-superhero antics before Mutino goes too far and begins the Apocalypse. Contains stylized violence and coarse language. Intended for mature readers.

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