The planet of New Genesia is the home of six realms whose planet raged in war for one hundred years, and was almost completely devastated by a culminating battle called the Battle of Omicion. To end the war and to ensure lasting stability, a fragile peace is brokered. The six realms now enjoy a planet, that is relatively safe and calm. One day six complete strangers, one from each of the six realms, awakens to find themselves in a remote scientific laboratory, without any memory of how they got there, or what might have happened to them. They must then begin a journey of discovery to find the answers to the mystery that brought them all together. The answers come at the cost of facing great peril and suffering great loss. When they do find the answers they seek, they are brought to the place where they must decide weather or not they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice that may be the only thing that will save their world from total destruction.