Captain Goode

It is the Time of the Heroes. A time in Town's history where everyone had a super power. A long time before the Vegetable Wars ever took root. A time when the skies were punctuated with super-powered heroes. And with villains in hot pursuit. Good and Evil everywhere you looked! Chief among the heroes is the mighty Captain Goode. A champion of justice. A victor of the righteousness. Strong. Invulnerable. Mighty. But not the brightest. Yet, the Captain is a hero that always rises above the rest to fight the most fiendish of fiends. The most evil of evildoers. Stand in awe as the Captain and his trusty companion Deeds soar high in the skies in their mighty ship, the Liberty Bell! Searching high and low for wrongs to undo. Fighting so that truth can still shine through. When the world is in need, let the Captain do his good deeds. For one! For al! For Town and beyond! With strength and with courage! With might and with fight! And yes, with an unnecessary "e" at the end of his name! But the extra "e" is just part of his game. For the Captain will fight until there is nothing left to fight for or until the extra "e" is dropped from his name.