Captain Camel and the Space Chicken

CAPTAIN CAMEL and the SPACE CHICKEN Spinning off from ART BALTAZAR's original INDY hit series, CRAY BABY ADVENTURES, comes CAPTAIN CAMEL and the SPACE CHICKEN! We set the way-back machine to the year 2001. When Captain Camel and his partner The Space Chicken first showed up on the scene in their very own mini-series! This dynamic duo of intergalactic Bounty-Hunters-for-Hire, begin their first mission since rescuing the Mummified Monkey! Their Mission: to find the pieces of the FACE! This mysterious relic has been shattered and its pieces have been spread across the universe! Our Heroes are just the right ones to search for the pieces and put the FACE back together! Seems easy-peezy at first, but Captain Camel's reputation and his carelessness may get them in some trouble along the way. Featuring, Monsters, Thugs, Vampires, Witches and Aliens. Originally published by BlindWolf/Electric Milk Comics in 2001. AW YEAH COMICS!!! By famous cartoonist ART BALTAZAR