Caliber Presents Vol. 4: The Observatory

Caliber Comics acclaimed anthology series returns with all new stories. In order to fulfill the last wishes of his eccentric millionaire uncle, James has to spend a night in a long-abandoned observatory and confirm the existence of the mysterious Planet X.A celestial object that is unknown to modern science, but was more than familiar to the ancient tribes of the Amazon who worshiped bloodthirsty gods all those centuries ago. While waiting for the planet to reveal itself, James kills time reading his uncle's dream journal...just to find out firsthand that the visions that tortured him at night were more than mere figments of his imagination. Written by Laszlo Tamasfi and illustrated by Jeremy Ray, Lost Arno, Branko Jovanovic and many more, Caliber Presents Volume 4: The Observatory collects stories from that strange corner of the horror genre where anything can happen and nothing is off limits! Where the secret behind the family's famous meatball recipe is even more stomach-turning than you feared; the mascots in front of the shopping mall are not wearing costumes; and an elevator knows how to shake the strollers between floors so the babies never grow up to be annoying teenagers.