After the crash, the city of Hoffman has become a dangerous place. What was once a thriving city is now a hotbed of violence. Alice is back from college and all the boys are after her. Lucy is her thuggish roommate. Fred is in a band. Dorian hits people with a tennis racket. Rasputin needs a comeback. Margaret has a secret. Carson is a punker. Disco Mailman is off the wall. Rudy is a gangster. Veronica is a spy. These are the stories of the everyday people, residents of Hoffman trying to get by and survive long enough to find happiness. They are fueled by conflict, sex, alcohol, adrenaline, and caffeine. Caffeine, the debut series from acclaimed artist James Guy Hill (Dreamland, The Dead Don't Die) is collected in a brand new digital format. To mark the 20th anniversary of being first published, long out of print series Caffeine has been digitally remastered and collected here for the first time.

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