COSMIC LOVE: A comic anthology inspired by the music of Florence + the Machine

COSMIC LOVE is a curated selection of original short form comics and illustrations in tribute to over a decade of music by the phenom performer Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. Each team of creators was challenged to choose their favorite F+tM song and create an original comic story inspired by the music. Artist, Rachel Perciphone, then created a series of story cover/vignettes also inspired by the chosen song. The result is an ethereal collection of original stories celebrating love in all its glorious forms.
Featuring six short comic stories and vignettes by:
Rachel Perciphone
Jennie Wood + Josh Siegel
Vita Ayala + Kat Taylor
Seth Greenwood + Angela Zhang
Enrica Jang + Y. Sanders + Jan Velazquez + Mark Mullaney
Mario Candelaria + Adam Ferris + Lesley Atlansky + Scott Ewan
Zack Rocklin-Waltch + Taren Beatrice