Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the first, best, and original science-fiction newspaper strip, has it all - space ships, anti-gravity belts, space pirates, invaders from other worlds, nefarious villains, and, of course, heroes. Comic strip historian Maurice Horn notes that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 'introduced most of the staples of science-fiction plotting' to the American public - as well as to everyone else in the world who read it. Beginning in September 2008, Hermes Press will begin a complete reprint of the ground-breaking newspaper strip. Reprinting over 900 strips, 2 years of the daily strip are presented in Volume One, beginning with the first strip dated January 7, 1929. A special 16-page color section contains an essay on the strip by a leading science-fiction author to place the series in historical perspective together with documentary materials and production artwork. See and experience the thrill and awe of the precursor of Star Trek, Star Wars, and every other science-fiction story to come after!

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