Brokenwood, Vol. 1: The Beginning

BROKENWOOD OVERVIEW A darkness covers the land of Brokenwood and 3 adventurers, a young warrior a wizard in training and a dog who is a monk, travel to a city of Brokenwood. It's now controlled by an evil king (Bernard) and his evil wizard (Manfred), evil is everywhere it seems. The evil king Bernard, has imprisoned his brother Gregor the rightful ruler, and our trio need to set him free...pretty standard stuff. Standard unless the warrior has never really been in battle, the wizard has mostly been making smoke bombs and the monk dog has taken a vow of silence. They give it their best shot and after some initial missteps find success. After arriving in the city, they need to come up with a plan to rescue the rightful ruler, as soon as they figure out where he's kept. The evil king rules by keeping the peasants fearful of bigger threats than his far so good, but the evil wizard Manfred has his own agenda which he plans to spring when the time is right. It's only a matter of time before the evil wizard is the biggest threat to all.