Bram the Yacoi #4

Rats in the labyrinth.
This issue includes three stories:
THE SUCCESSOR: Bram descends the belly of the evil Temple of the Reclining God. He has completed a mission for the sinister priests. But the barbarian will discover that soul-merchants and ancient gods are not reliable.
RATS IN THE LABYRINTH: Though it’s always winter in the prosperous city of Azgramar, its frigid bite doesn’t stop commerce. With abundant gold comes culture and luxury. And, hand in hand, beggars, sorcerers, prostitutes, thieves… and war. An appropriate place for a mercenary barbarian like Bram. Perhaps he is the only one capable to find the king Sisyphus IV, trapped in the magic labyrinth created by the mad genius Leonardo.
THE MAN WITHOUT A SHADOW: The cannibals never suspected that BRAM could lead the survivors through the lethal and endless desert. Now they approach the wall of death. The matabeles believe in annihilation. All around their dominions they’ve scrupulously devastated everything. They dried up the springs. Nothing lives within 25 miles around them. And a more ominous threat watches for Bram and his companions in this evil hell of sand.