Bob: Non-Union Psychic #0

Renegade Psychic. Professional Hairstylist.

Bob Holbreck is pleased enough using his mad hairstyling skills to make the world a little happier, a little prettier, a littler sexier -- even if his great-grandfather thinks he should be honing his awesome psychic powers to join the prestigious Psychic Union. But when an ancient evil returns to kill again, Bob's hand is forced; The City needs a hero, and there's no time to wait for certification.

The legend of BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC begins here! And the reviews are unanimous: BOB is "the perfect balance between horror and humour" (Pop Culture Bandit), "a great read for lovers of quirky" (Nothing But Comics), and quite simply "worth your money" (ConSequential). Buy now and see why readers who haven't picked up BOB yet "don't know what they're missing" (Just Saying Asia)!