Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror #14

Introduced by your host, The Bloke, a Victorian undertaker, Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror is a magazine size, black and white homage to the classic horror anthology magazines that we grew up reading and loving. This is an ongoing, self-published series, with fourteen issues currently available here on Amazon, along with three collected volumes. Our three time, Ghastly Award winning anthology (Best Anthology 2013 / Best Short Story In An Anthology 2014 & 2015) brings you six new tales in our fourteenth issue, featuring a mix of retro and modern art styles.
Writers : Jason 'The Bloke' Crawley, Von Crawlhoff & Alex Ogalla.
Artwork by Mike Hoffman, Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo, Jeff Austin, Rob Moran, Carlos Valenzuela, Emanuel Derna, Christian Andres Baez, Salvador Lopez. Editorial assistance and lettering by Keith Braun.