Blitz #2

Vol. 1992 #2
It is the year 2010. Earth, as we know it, has ceased to exist. Early on in the century, man had created the cloning process--the ability to grow genetically superior beings from cells in a laboratory. This process was quickly perfected and established into the business world, as a means for the very rich to gain possible immortality. Another medical advance assured this end. The operation to transplant a human brain was successful. The doctors and methods for this operation were quickly 'acquired' by mega-company 'Clones'R'Us.' This made it the sole conglomerate on the planet to be able to grant virtual mortality. Once clone factories were set up and began producing mass quantities of clones, even the moderately wealthy could afford to have their brains put into new, young bodies. This created a huge gap in the Earth's class structure. The wealthy have become untouchable, living in green sanctuaries while the underclass toiled in the humid filth of the streets--where the mega cities' infrastructure had given up and collapsed long ago.

The riots for clone rights did little but destroy the already decaying neighborhood and free a few rare clones to live out a miserable existence on the plague-ridden streets.

The final straw came when three new moons were discovered around Jupiter, all virtual paradises with virgin jungle and wildlife. Settlements quickly set up on the moons, forbidden to the low class of Earth--and the entire power population left the planet Earth.

Now, in 2010, only the dream remains. The last of the clone plants is due to close down--to move into colony space--eliminating 20,000 jobs in the process. Ah...the future never looked so bleak!
Science Fiction
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