On the face of things, being a 6' tall mutant Triceratops would be an advantage. Especially if you've gone to the future and been given a state of the art ray gun to fight bad guys with. You're stronger than the average strong man and you can smack things with your tail. Unfortunately for Blastosaurus, this is not the case.

Living in the present day isn't easy for a dinosaurian detective. He can't go undercover, he can't fit in a standard police car, and he has to wear specially altered pants. Not to mention that no one ever gave him an instruction manual for the aforementioned gun.

This is the origin of Blastosaurus, following his pursuit of the evil raptors in order to prevent an awful vision of the future from coming to pass.

Blastosaurus is an all-ages graphic novel about the adventures of a mutant crime fighting dinosaur as he struggles in a world where he is the only thing out of place. This is an action-based comedy which seeks to subvert the conventions of the 'kids cartoon' genre by addressing the logical realities of such a world.

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