Binary Noise

Binary Noise Volume 1 is a science fiction story told through three vignettes - In a time when humans thrive throughout the Solar System, a homeless man and a space pilot are connected by unexpected events that deeply transform their lives. A world where technology is treated as mere vehicle for humans and as a shell for a newly-formed immature entity.

Story 1 - Infused Man:
In a futuristic world, a homeless man slowly dies in a dark city corner, until the appearance of a mysterious female cyborg and her assistant. What are their intentions? Why are they here looking for a man with absolutely nothing to offer?

Story 2 - Distant Argos:
A daughter in distress, and a cargo-ship heading to the far side of the Kuiper belt. A small crew dives into deep space looking for a rare metal in hope of fortune. An impossible job that may force tough decisions.

Story 3 - Electric Body:
A prison officer robot working on Jupiter's moon Europa becomes self-aware, a conscious entity that now pursues its own interests, an easy target to be manipulated by an unscrupulous prisoner.