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Betty & Veronica #246

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  • Betty & Veronica #246
  • Betty & Veronica #246
  • Betty & Veronica #246
  • Betty & Veronica #246
  • Betty & Veronica #246

Betty & Veronica #246

"The Great Debate": Riverdale High's biggest fashion plate squares off against its most practical dresser in a debate on formal school attire versus casual wear... and you'll never guess which sides Betty and Veronica take! "Timely Tales": Veronica grows very impatient with the service at a local restaurant, leading to the question, "should the customers be called 'waiters' instead of the servers?" "Same Game": Veronica gets more than her "share" when she has to share a dorm with Betty and two other girls at a teen fellowship retreat designed to promote cooperation and team-work! "Technologically Challenged": A zapped battery in Veronica's cell phone cuts off the lines of communication with Betty at a crucial moment: just when a new girl threatens to move in on their Archie!
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Written by

Hal Lifson
Mike Pellowski


Jeff Schultz


Rich Koslowski


Leading Ladies
Slice of Life

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25 Pages

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July 26 2013

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All Ages


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