Benjamin Dickson was first published by Accent UK in 2004, and is still writing short stories for them today. He has also written shorts for Heavy Metal Magazine, Ctrl Alt Shift and most recently Self Made Hero.

His debut graphic novel, Falling Sky, was awarded “Best Indie Surprise 2006” award by Ain’t It Cool News, and in 2010 was voted one of their best graphic novels of the decade. (It has also been optioned for a movie more than once.)

Ben likes to explore moral complexities in his adult writing, particularly situations where there is no right answer. He is equally at home writing for children and adults, and is developing children’s properties with Mick McMahon and Warwick Johnson Cadwell. He is also interested in exploring non-fiction comics, and has currently working with Sean Michael Wilson on a major historical work.

His influences include John Wagner, Gipi, Jaques Tardi Alan Moore and Brian Wood. Outside of comics his influences include John Wyndham, Robert Harris, Steig Larsson and David Simon.