Becca Hillburn creates children's comic books inspired by real-world experiences and designed to have a positive impact on society. As a comic artist, it's important for her to create stories that not only provide opportunities for escapism but also to use her experiences to create a lens for the readers to view the world from another perspective. Becca's characters serve to hold this lens, and in her latest comic, 7" Kara Vol. 2, Kara is a tiny girl in a world of giants. Kara is impulsive, emotional, and mostly happy.

As someone who is ADHD, Becca designed Kara to reflect the best that ADHD has to offer-outgoing, gregarious, and charismatic; Kara's impulsivity is often charming and allows her to engage with a potentially scary and dangerous world in a positive way. She is loved for who she is and what she has to offer, something that many children with ADHD do not get to experience. Kara is a fun character to write because she reflects Becca's own impulsive nature while maintaining a childish innocence that enables her to engage with new people in a positive way.

This middle-grade graphic novel series, painted by hand in lush watercolor, focuses on the unlikely friendship between Becca's Lilliputian lass and a lonely human teen. She put a strong focus on finding common ground despite differences as well as challenging toxic family relationships and broken power dynamics. She uses the size differences in 7" Kara to demonstrate how the strong, even when working with the best intentions, can have a serious negative impact on the weak. This is setting up future volumes to deeply explore how easily a relationship with power imbalances can tip into an abusive relationship, as well as how to correct that imbalance.