Beasts and Priests

Beasts and Priests collects for the first time more than ten years' worth of pointillist portraiture of the world's most legendary scene-makers Jim Blanchard.Much of the black-and-white ink work here has previously seen print in some of the world's better alternative magazines and news weeklies, and portrait subjects include:Redd Foxx,Frank Sinatra, Curtis Mayfield, Raymond Chandler, Ennio Morricone, Bill Hicks, and Lenny Bruce. Blanchard's work is often twisted, mutated and ultimately sickly gorgeous, with a pervasive psychedelic tone. Heavily influenced by such underground greats as Robert Williams and Victor Moscoso, Blanchard fuses meticulous craftsmanship with a pop underground sensibility to produce some of the most vivid and striking cartoon art in the world.

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