BEARS HAVE DECLARED WAR ON ALL HUMANS From Axe Cop creator, Ethan Nicolle. This is he first volume collection of the web comic series Bearmageddon. When Wow Mart employee, Joel Morley and his slacker friends ditch society to live in the forest, they discover a mass exodus of bears heading back to civilization to declare war on mankind. They enlist the help of a half-feral mountain man named Dickinson killdeer to aid them in returning to the city to find their families. But With bears mutating, growing tentacles and invading in massive numbers, it looks like the end of civilization as we know it. "Bearmageddon wields a prescience that is both hilarious and terrifying, as Ethan Nicolle masterfully spells out the ursine demise that is coming to us all." -Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec, Axe Cop)

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