BattleArc 2088

Neuro York, A.D. 2088. Zell was once an idealistic nanotechnologist at the megacorporation Common Cybernetics Concern. That is, until she uncovered CCC's less-than-noble plans for her latest research. Deciding it was time for a career change, Zell torched her lab, stole an experimental battle suit, and now lives as a hacker who fights cyber gangs. Her apartment is a mess. When a shocking piece of data drops into her lap, Zell finds out that the past she left behind has resurfaced. Now on the run with a target on her back, Zell has a whole lot of questions--and the answers are going to change everything. Drawing influence from classic work like Blade Runner, Kamen Rider, Bubblegum Crisis, and the novels of William Gibson, BattleArc 2088 is a sci-fi action story about creation and fighting for a world that has changed without you even knowing.