Baroque Pop

BAROQUE POP inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey. Edited by Mario Candelaria. Just funded on Kickstarter!

BAROQUE POP is an eighty-page comics anthology inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey. The book is a carefully curated selection of short form comics and illustrations celebrating love, loss, success, and change by comic creators who came together after finding mutual solace and inspiration in Lana Del Rey's music.
Featuring seven short comic stories by:
- Chuck Harrison & Luke Marrone
- Daniel Charles & Ashley St. Lawrence (with Scott Ewen)
- Jennie Wood & Chris Goodwin
- Enrica Jang & Jan Velazquez
- Mario Candelaria & Katarzyna Witerscheim
- Michael Lynch & Mira Mortal
- Eric Palicki & Daniel Earls
And five portraits by:
- Jim Towe
- Adam Ferris (feat. Lesley Atlansky)
- John Keaveney
- Hoyt Silva
- Fabian Lelay (feat Lesley Atlansky)
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