Awesome Possum

Awesome Possum is a natural science comic anthology collecting art from seven natural science illustrators. The anthology is a collection of short comics about the natural world. The other artists and I are all graduates of a natural science illustration program at the University of Washington. After a year's worth of hard work, we couldn't give it up. We had to keep sharing. The natural world is a wonderful place that deserves exploration. We wanted to show you some of our favorite views of the natural world.

The book is 54 pages of comics and illustrations. Seven artists contributed eleven stories: Alyssa Suzumura, Angela Boyle (that's me), EJ Landsman, Ellen Van Wyk, Hatfield Koerner, Jessica Heide, and Kami Koyamatsu. The cover is full color (with beautiful art by Marly Beyer). The interior pages (comics and illustrations) are in black and white.

The book includes the following comics:
What is it: Opossum or Possum
Secrets of Insect Diversity
The Ostrich (or is it an emu?)
Gray Fox
Narwhal: What's my tusk for?
Brooding: The Lives of Periodic Cicadas
Pitcher Plants: Lunch Time in Borneo
Bat Humor
Octopus vs. Human Eyeballs
Cute or Deadly: Tapir Edition
Maria Sybila Merian