Awesome 'Possum #4

Thirty-nine creators explore the natural world, the plants and animals that surround us, are hidden from view, and call to us from afar. You'll explore:
- Rafflesia, or the corpse flower, the largest stinkiest flower in the worl with Shing Yin Khor
- The komodo dragon and Stephen R. Bissette's (Swamp Thing, Tyrant) first experience seeing them, as drawn by Ross Wood Studlar.
- The ecology of Ä'ày Chù (Slim's River) in Alaska with Rachel Ford.
This volume includes cover inks by Eisner-nominated Tillie Walden, creator of Spinning (First Second, 2017) and foreword by Jon Chad, creator of Volcanoes: Fire and Life (First Second, 2016).
"The delightful drawings and clever storytelling work with subjects from the familiar to the charmingly obscure, to offer an enjoyable learning for everyone."
-Dr. Ben Rowson, codiscoverer of the ghost slug; taxonomist at the National Museum Wales
"After twenty-one years of teaching entomology, I find Awesome 'Possum to be one of the most educative, graphically accurate, and fun natural history series around. I recommend it up front to my students, whether for term paper ideas or escape reading at bed time!"
-Evan A. Sugden, PhD, entomology professor,University of Washington
"Awesome 'Possum's 200-plus pages are filled with comic strips whose eclectic styles mirror the variety of life they portray. On these pages dwell ghost slugs and bad-luck lemurs, parasitic plants and a bird with a shoe for a bill. It's biology broken down into bite-size stories packed with fascinating facts-ideal for kids and adults alike."
-Mike Shanahan, author of Gods, Wasps and Stranglers
"You'll witness love of the natural world with every story, and your own love for it will grow with every page. You'll learn stuff, too, and learning stuff is awesome."
-Jim Ottaviani, author of The Imitation Game