Aw Yeah Comics! #7

WATCH OUT! NINJAS!!! A new EVIL has come to town! Who could have hired these guys?! It is none other than...NO SPOILERS! Sorry, we won't reveal! But we know ACTION CAT and ADVENTURE BUG are there to save the day! This time, they may get help from....???? SShhh...another secret. ALSO! Cornelius meets EEZ-EL, Beautiful Downtown Skokie's very own unofficial tour guide! He drinks coffee, he dances, and he's the guy you ask questions to when you need to find out that little bitty secret. PLUS! A cash register mix-up, a pair of invisible shoes, and a game with ZOMBIE CAT! From The AW YEAH Cartoonists and the Award Winning, Famous Cartoonists ART BALTAZAR & FRANCO who brought you Tiny Titans and Itty Bitty HELLBOY!