Aw Yeah Comics! #5

For every ACTION...there's a RE-ACTION!
For Every ACTION....there is a REACTION!
The adventures of our heroes, ACTION CAT and ADVENTURE BUG continue! What happens when Evil Cat zaps our hero with his mysterious new EVIL-RAY-5000? You may expect a certain unexpected REACTION! WHOAH! Watch out! ALSO! What is this?! SOUTHPAW is has a plot to take over the world? Aw, say it ain't so! Time to call the President...then order a pizza! ALSO! Pie is served for dessert in a very unique style! The people of beautiful downtown Skokie are in for a treat! Last but not least...The Jaywalker Strikes! Created by Art Baltazar & Franco, the same guys who brought you TINY TITANS, SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, and itty bitty HELLBOY!
True story.