Aw Yeah Comics! #2

Action Cat & Adventure Bug vs The Cell-Phone-GUY!
AW YEAH COMICS!!! Who's the NEW mascot in town? Is he friend?...or FOE?!!! We are betting he's the BAD-GUY! That's right! Get ready for Cell-Phone-Guy and his band of APPS! ALSO! Ever wonder who would win in an AW YEAH fight to the finish? How about a brawl lead by the Uncanny Polar Cycle?! And, to make things worse...they brought Light Sabres! With Special guest writers Brad Meltzer and his son Theo! Its all true. Follow these amazing super heroes created by Art Baltazar and Franco in this EPIC ALL-AGES comic extravaganza!!! Featuring contributors from across the comic industry! From the creators of Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures!